The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Am I The Enemy: Album Review

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Can you hear that? It’s the sound of crickets chirping or in this instance, the sound of failure. Now I don’t normally put albums down without a good reason, but the new Red Jumpsuit Apparatus album Am I The Enemy is seriously crap, and one of the worse albums I’ve heard this year. It’s almost sad the route this band went down to be honest.

Unable to live up to their highly popular and critically acclaimed release Don’t You Fake It, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus released a radio rock friendly sounding album (Lonely Road) which had it’s moments but was rubbish and now their third effort goes into a more pop sounding direction and completely falls flat on its face in what can only be described as an “epic failure” as some people would describe it.

The album feels so over-produced and fake lacking any kind of emotion or feeling, so much so that it makes any of Brittany Spears’ last three albums sound more real. The album sounds like it has no real instruments as if they all stood around in a room listening to Simple Plan & Pussycat Dolls records.

I never understood why they strayed from the path of their first album. They didn’t necessarily need to make the same album over and over again to release great material, maybe they should have taken a page out of Thrice’s book and been creative with the direction they headed in.

The elements that made their first album Don’t You Fake It such an enjoyable and energetic album appear to have faded into obscurity. What was once an angsty and real sounding band that had the potential to be quite big has become nothing more than just another pop band that sound like they don’t even try any more.

The saying third time lucky doesn’t appear to apply to Am I The Enemy in this instance. The only positive thing about this album is that it is officially the first album on Kill Hipsters to receive the lowest score ever.

  • OhBoner

    I thought these guys were dead. I knew this album sucked before I read this review and I haven’t even heard it. Fuck jumpsuit apparatus. Jumpsuits are for bdsm slaves.

  • i love this band. whatever haters says 🙂

  • Scott jones

    Hmm, dont know why i keep hearing bad reviews about this album sure is not as good as the first album, and ye lonley road was a totally different musical direction, but i still loved tracks like godspeed, there are one or two tracks on this album that are over produced but tracks like salvation and reap and choke are worth buying it for despite choke being in the e.p aswell.

  • John Davis

    1: writer, piss off
    2: true holsters are cooler then you will ever be
    3: the album was great. If you are going to write a review, and expect people to want to read it, you REVIEW IT, not give your own freaking opinion. No one cares what you think. Tell us the facts, and subtly give your thoughts about it, and let is decide. Not give your own stupid thoughts in the first paragraph! Seriously, did you learn anything from English class? Idiot.

  • John Davis

    Holster was supposed to be hipster, but stupid android os decided that it wanted to change it. Curse you android