Interview: Michael Crafter of Australian Hardcore Band Confession

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Recently we got to ask Michael Crafter (a name that is pretty well known in the Australian hardcore scene) of the band Confession a few questions about the band, what they’ve been up too and trying to get some details about their upcoming album coming out in September.

So, give us a quick rundown of what Confession have been up too since releasing Cancer in 2009?

Umm toured Europe, did several headline Australian tours and then done a few support tours(amity, parkway,). Then wrote and recorded a new album.

You guys have done quite a lot of touring the last couple of years, is there any particular venue that you guys particularly love to play, a venue that stands out above the rest?

Umm I think the Roundhouse in Sydney or the Manning Bar. Both venues have been played several times so either one is usually good. Both have wifi internet and also really good food usually. Hahahaahha.

What is the worse venue or venues you guys have ever played at?

Shit maybe some venues in England they were pretty bad. Played a venue in Scotland that looked like a rape dungeon.

If you met someone that has never heard of Confession before, how would you describe the band in one sentence?


Do any of the guys in the band have any particular annoying habits?

Dan likes to eat more food than most. One time Adam and Dan were writing for the new album at Dan’s house. Adam gained like 10 kgs due to Dan’s diet tips.

What inspires Confession to be the band they are?

Shows, kids at shows and playing songs with your mates.

If Confession was an animal, what would it be and why?

A sloth… Fat and lazy? Slow to do things.. Hahahaha.

You guys have recorded a new album, what can you tell us about it and when is it coming out?

Umm we finished writing and recording for the new album. Went to Sweden with Frederick Nordstrum. Studio Fredman is amazing and the record sounds huge. It’s coming out in September.

What kind of setup do the guitarists of the band use when playing live, any particular pedals & amps for the gear nerds out there?

Peavey 5150’s, Noise Gates…. Hahahaha that’s about as far as it goes. They use LTD guitars as well. We are a mosh band. We will leave gear nerdness to Thy Art Is Murder.

What is the bands stance of music piracy, does it really affect artists and if so, have you guys ever been affected by it?

I download so much shit so hey. If you cant afford to buy a record or don’t need to own a CD then maybe downloading is good? I don’t care a kid wants our CD then go get it whatever way you can.

Just quickly, from conception to mastered album, what kind of process do you guys go by when writing and recording new material?

We went to the Parkway Drive house in Byron Bay to write this album. Recorded the whole thing on computers for pre-production and then went to Sweden to record it. Spent so much time making this album amazing. I think the fact we took a month to write the album and in the peaceful world of Byron. It helps with good song writing.

If you could choose any band to tour with that you haven’t already toured with, who it would be?

Umm Limp Bizkit, Pantera, Blink 182, Pennywise and Earth Crisis.

Any lesser known Australian bands you’d like to give a mention you think are pretty awesome that people should know about?

Make Them Suffer from Perth seriously heard this band the other week and its outta’ control how good they are. In Hearts wake from Byron, Dan has recorded these guys a bunch and have come along way…

What do you guys think of Mat Bruso returning to Bury Your Dead and their new album?

Mat’s fat, Slims fat and BYD are back to business. Songs are great. I once was told something by Slim, BYD is meat and potato’s. It’s heavy and its simple shit. You dont listen to BYD and want amazing tech songs. You listen to it cause you like heavy shit and you get that in every way.

Any advice for other upcoming hardcore bands in Australia?

Have fun when playing shows. Practicing moves in ya room isnt hardcore. It’s lame. Just have fun with ya mates and be idiots. To me that’s what hardcore is. Being a kid and diving off the stage, singing along and having a good time. Everyone at a show should have a smile on their face.

Any final words or advice to anyone out there reading this?

Buy our new record. On Resist in September.

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