The Devil Wears Prada – Dead Throne: Album Review

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The Devil Wears Prada used to be a walking, talking, living metalcore stereotype and lets face it, their older material was pretty generic and just like every other artist signed to Rise Records at the time. As time went on TDWP branched out and found a more fitting sound that no longer fitted in with the whole Rise Records genericore gang and jumped ship to Ferret Records where they continued to evolve their sound.

Dead Throne is what I would call The Devil Wears Prada’s best album to date and it’s also their heaviest. They’ve started using the dropped B guitar tuning to their full advantage, having messed around with some dropped B on With Roots Above and Branches Below (2009), on Dead Throne every track uses drop B. Whilst guitar tunings might not mean much to most, the heavier tuning works better with Mike’s screams and gives the songs a whole new eerie feeling to them. There’s a science when it comes to selecting a guitar tuning.

Upon first listen of Dead Throne it’s apparent that The Devil Wears Prada have found their sound. Sinister synth driven songs with melody have always been their thing, but they’ve worked out the formula of writing heavy songs that don’t sound like everything else out there. Dead Throne is not as heavy as the Zombie EP, it has heavy elements from the Zombie EP, but is more of a melodic metalcore album than it is a deathcore album.

The album is an evolution in every single way over anything else they’ve ever released. There are still breakdowns, however the breakdowns on Dead Throne much like everything else on the album are carefully and thoughtfully placed in a non-generic way complimented with melodically viscous squeals, sinister keyboard driven synths and Jeremy’s uniquely clean singing.

One thing that has always bothered me about TDWP is that the clean vocals are too treated. We all know that Jeremy can’t really sing that well, well not as perfect as TDWP’s albums portray, it would be nice if their albums were a little more honest in that aspect. He hasn’t got a bad voice, but he is in no way as angelic sounding as Dead Throne and it’s predecessor With Roots Above and Branches Below makes it out to be.

Track 11 “Constance” which has guest vocals by Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying is freaky as fuck, a brutally eerie song. I thought the guys were just talking the album and this track up when interviewed and they mentioned, but wow, you’ve really got to hear this track to know what I’m on about.

For a band considered by many to be metalcore Dead Throne is able to keep your attention the whole way through. The songs are heavy, melodic and mostly catchy. Coincidentally and ironically the album artwork looks like something As I Lay Dying would use as artwork for one of their albums.

Mike has honed his screaming abilities a little bit more since releasing their previous album. Although I can’t help but notice that his high pitched scream/yell has changed a little bit and not for the best. At times Mike’s yelling can be a little overwhelming, his lows are much more controlled and powerful which is to be expected considering the longer you do something, the better you get at it.

I can’t really pick a bad track on this album. Besides the over-production (a minor oversight), every track is pretty damn repeat worthy. I’m calling it now, Dead Throne is one of the best metalcore albums released this year.

The Devil Wears Prada will release, Dead Throne on September 13th via Ferret Records.