China Does Something Sensible: Blocks Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Backstreet Blues

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I used to think that China was a country determined to undermine and censor it’s inhabitants, but in the news today it is being reported that China has blocked around 100 songs that have been identifed by Chinese authorites as dangerous, with audiences potentially influenced by them. The authorities have pledged to stamp out any examples of western cultural hegemony.

I don’t congratulate the Chinese government that much, but this is awesome. All of those artists suck, so it’s good to see China protecting it’s people by blocking access to those horrible pop songs. China is determined to ensure that its citizens are not overly influenced by the west, or are they just determined to ensure the Chinese people aren’t audio raped by Lady Gaga sing about her poker face.

  • I hate you

    Dude you’re worse than hell I wish you cut yourself and die

    • KillHipsters

      Hahaha. This comment made my day man, thanks for commenting. I’ll head on down to Hot Topic and get myself a Ramone’s razorblade set, are they the best ones too buy or the My Chemical Romance one’s instead?

  • Christopher

    Hah this is great. I’m also not saying that censorship is entirely moral, but in this case China’s decision was fantastic.

    • KillHipsters

      Haha, right on Christopher!