Trivium Unleash New Video For “In Waves”, Still Receiving Waves of Criticism

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People have been ripping on Trivium pretty hard in 2011 and I will admit their last album that sounded like a mid-nineties Metallica inspired album of which I ripped them pretty hard for, but their new song “In Waves” from the upcoming album of the same name seems to be getting bad feedback.

This Metal Sucks article by Axel Rosenburg rips on Trivium (albeit pretty politely), I personally don’t understand what’s wrong with the new track In Waves.

I’ve read most people say that In Waves doesn’t have enough shredding and is too simple for a Trivium song, what a joke. It seems as though most Trivium fans are stuck in the past and keep wanting another Ascendency, well if you want the same album over and over again go listen to Nickelback.

In Waves might be more simplistic, but it still sounds awesomely aggressive and the clean vocals sound better than ever.

New drummer Nick Augusto has been copping some flack for using too many double kicks on the new album as well. Seriously people, you can use too many double kicks now? Best not listen to Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder or any other modern band that is remotely heavy.

Even if this is the only post in defence of Trivium’s new direction, I know the new album is going to be better than what most other bands in the same and similar genres have put out this year. In Waves is coming out August 9th, 2011 via Roadrunner Records.